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Educational Concept

The High School Affiliated to Xi’an Jiaotong University sticks to its tradition for quality education with a pioneering spirit, and faithfully observes the educational concept “pursue suitable education for every student”. It emphasizes the whole-person education and the life-long development of students.

Aims of Cultivation

We strike to live our aims to cultivate students with Self-Cultivation, Responsibility, Creativity, Leadership and International Outlook. Our education is defined to help our students become outstanding talents in terms of moral goodness, academic performance, and the fine art of leadership.

Management Concept

The school takes advanced educational concepts: we value human-oriented education, principal respects all teachers, and teachers take care of students’ development. The administrators respect teachers and encourage their initiative and creation. Teachers should be keen to the students’ individuality, and help them to release their potentials and explore creation, so as to prepare qualified talents developed in an all-round way for higher education and society. 
The flexible management is also adopted to achieve harmonious school and respects individuality. We create a comfortable environment for student to learn with happiness, interest and motivation. In a relaxing atmosphere, our students have time for their own interests at school, and their can learn and do research or organize activates with necessary facilities such as library, computers, performance auditorium, sports, labs, etc. Independent leaning and collaboration research are both encouraged. Teachers develop with more enterprise, responsibility and professionalism to achieve effective class, and guide students with love and care. Meanwhile, teachers and students must stick to rules of management, to guarantee the teaching goals and learning efficiency. In order, both teachers and students work hard with challenge in a relaxing atmosphere, and they are creative and develop together. Our education is to help student to lay a solid foundation for their life-long development. In doing so, school can finally contribute to society.


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