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  Nebraskan delegation led by State Secretary of and State Senator Visited XJTUHS 2014/06/17
  HSXJTU students Excel at Science Knowledge 2013/04/16
  HSXJTU visits Eton College, Roedean School and Christ College, UK 2013/02/18
  Wonju Boys & Girls High School Visit HSXJTU 2013/01/14
  SXJTU visit NUS High School 2012/07/13
  See you next Year! Simon Fraser 2012/04/05
  Dr. John Kennard from St. Paul’s College, HK Visited HSXJTU 2012/03/15
  Headmaster of St. John’s Preparatory School visited HSXJTU 2012/03/10
  HSXJTU Visits St. John’s Preparatory School, Boston, America 2012/02/01
  Winter Learning Activities in Visiting School Hwa Chong Institution of Singapore 2012/01/18
  WBHS visits HSXJTU 2011/11/07
  WBHS visits HSXJTU 2011/11/07
  Christ College, Brecon visits HSXJTU 2011/10/30
  Laurel USA visits HSXJTU 2011/04/07
  SFU Co-Op launched 2011/03/09
  UWM visits HSXJTU 2010/12/20
  Dr. Kennard’s visit to HSXJTU 2010/11/22
  Kansai Language School visits HSXJTU 2010/11/15
  Simon Fraser University visits HSXJTU 2010/11/15
  Principal of Hwa Chong visits HSXJTU 2010/11/09
  Christ College Brecon Visits HSXJTU 2010/10/28
  HSXAJU visits US and LAUREL 2010/10/06
  A Visit from NUS High School 2010/09/07
  HSXAJU participated in the Summer camp of UCGLI 2010/08/20
  English Immersion Teaching Experts from Hong Kong Education College Had a Three-days-lo... 2009/11/29
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